Jackie's Gold Star For Weight Loss

Little Jackie is a lovely senior Jack Russell Terrier, but she was not always little!

When she first came to see us she was overweight and was having trouble moving  around. She was in fact almost 7.5kg which made her nearly 30% overweight, with her ideal weight being less than 5.5kg.

Being a senior, Jackie needed to have a blood and urine sample taken to check that she was healthy on the inside - which she was. As Jackie was overweight, this was putting a lot of stress on the rest of her body. She was not moving around as well as she had when she was a fitter dog and she needed help to do things that she took for granted when she was younger and slimmer. 

We started her on a weight loss diet and Jackie had a choice of tinned food and/or dry - she chose to eat the dry. She lost weight well on her new diet and soon she was able to move around much better.

Jackie's owner tells us that in the middle of the night she used to have to get up to help her back onto the bed, and now she no longer has to do that! Jackie is feeling a lot better and now looks forward to going for her walks and actually really enjoys eating her diet food!

Jackie is a star performer but what she was blissfully unaware of was that her life expectancy was 20% shorter by being overweight.

Feeding the correct diet to your pet is a must for a long and healthy life. Our nurses are trained to give expert advice regarding nutrition. If you feel your pet may be overweight, feel free to come into our hospital and one of our nurses can assess your pet and recommend a weight loss program to suit your pets' needs. Click here for more information.