How did that get there? Roxanne's unusual meal

Roxanne is a happy and very friendly Staffordshire Bull Terrier who came to see us last month as she was vomiting. Our veterinarian examined Roxanne and found that she was lethargic and had a very sore abdomen. Every time Dr Julian touched her stomach, she vomited.

Radiographs were needed immediately. Roxanne was put under a general anaesthetic and had intravenous fluids during the procedure. Once under anaesthetic, two views of Roxanne's abdomen were taken. A lateral view, (on her side) and a ventro-dorsal view, (lying on her back). The radiographs revealed a solid mass in Roxanne's intestine.

Surgery was required immediately to find out what was in Roxanne's intestines. An exploratory laparotomy was performed. Our veterinarian proceeded with the surgery. He located the hard mass in Roxanne's intestine and removed it, revealing a rock (a tasty meal no doubt!).

After the rock was removed, sutures were put into place. When Roxanne woke up she was kept on fluids and put on a morphine drip to provide pain relief.

Roxanne recovered well and stayed in hospital for a few days to make sure she was going to the toilet properly. Once home, Roxanne's owners had to keep her quiet and confined for a week after the surgery, to allow her body to heal without any strain.

Roxanne is doing very well and is back to her normal happy self.