Groucho's encounter with a grumpy neighbour

Groucho is a 20 week old female tabby who had the misfortune of playing with a grumpy neighbour. Groucho was in her yard when she decided to play with the next door neighbour's dog through the fence. The dog didn't appreciate this very much and bit Groucho's front leg.

She was brought straight to us and was seen by Dr Julianne who saw she had terrible wounds to her front leg.

Groucho needed surgery. She was anaesthetized and xrays were taken of her leg to make sure it was not broken. Luckily there were no broken bones. Her foot was quite swollen though.

Dr Julianne flushed away dirt from the wounds and sutured the skin together. A splint was applied to the leg along with a soft bandage to keep the leg from moving to promote quicker healing.

Groucho had to come back several times to have bandage changes but unfortunately her leg wasn't doing so well. Groucho didn't have any movement to her leg. Dr Kristina suspected that her nerves to her lower leg had been badly damaged. Groucho needed a second surgery to amputate her leg.

Groucho was anaesthetized again and had her leg removed. She was placed on a pain relief drip throughout the night to make her more comfortable.

The next day Groucho's owners came to pick her up.

Even though Groucho only has three legs, it doesn't stop her from playing like any other kitten and it certainly doesn't stop her from getting into any mischief.