Fozzie treated for urinary tract infection

Fozzie came to our clinic as an abandoned stray kitten with his brother. They were estimated to be about two weeks old and still quite helpless. Katherine, one of our vet nurses, took them both home to care for them including bottle feeding them every three hours as they were still not able to digest solids. After a few days Katherine's parents took over the care of the kittens, promptly fell in love with their antics and decided to adopt them!

At the age of nine weeks Fozzie was treated for what seemed to be a simple urinary tract infection. He was started on antibiotics and close monitoring of his toileting habits was recommended. A few days later Fozzie was seen to strain unproductively. He kept crying whilst scratching around and squatting in the litter tray but no urine was produced. After consulting with Katherine, Fozzie was rushed to the emergency center. Urine tests did not reveal any crystals, blood or infection. A urethral plug was identified. He was catheterised and placed on intravenous fluids for three days to flush any other plugs out of his urinary system. Fozzie was discharged with strict instructions to keep him only on kitten wet food to encourage water intake.

Since this hiccup Fozzie has been growing well and loves a good rough and tumble with his brother. He came in mid April for his desexing operation and a final urine check. A cystocentesis was performed (where a sterile urine sample is collected directly from his bladder). Fozzie was a very brave patient and rewarded with an all clear!

Two lessons were learned:

  1. Good things happen to even the most innocent patients and most loving owners
  2. Pet insurance is a beautiful thing!