Exhausted Mini delivers her pup at last

Mini, a 3 year old Shih Tzu X, arrived at our clinic having delivered two puppies on her own and was in the process of having a third one. The first two puppies unfortunately did not survive, making the delivery of the third puppy even more anxious for the owners. The third puppy was still enclosed in the foetal sac and was clearly visible at the vulva. This raised concern for dystocia, which means 'difficult birth'. Dystocia is commonly caused by uterine inertia (the uterus is fatigued and not contracting effectively anymore) and total malpresentation (foetus not facing the right way). In Mini's case, we suspected uterine inertia was the most probable cause. Having delivered two puppies, Mini must have been very exhausted at that stage.

It had been two hours since Mini's last puppy, and there was still no sign of the third puppy making any progress. Time was quickly running out. Mini was given Oxytocin, an injection that will stimulate her uterus to contract and hopefully push the puppy out. Mini made multiple weak efforts to push but she was too exhausted.

Given the current situation a caesarian section is the best hope to save the puppy. Without hesitation Mini was brought into the operation theatre, and successfully delivered one healthy puppy.

Both Mini and her precious puppy girl were closely nursed and cared for by our dedicated nurses. Both were safely sent home on the day and have returned recently for a health check. At the moment the puppy would be getting all her essential nutrient from Mini's milk, and would continue to do so until she would be able to eat solids. This is usually around 5 - 6 weeks of age.

Mini, by the same token, would need to increase her daily food intake by 2 to 3 folds, to keep up with requirements of producing milk.

We are all excited to see both Mini and her puppy again when she visits for her first vaccination.