Even our doctors and nurses pets fall prone to injury and illness too

Totti is a 5 month old Terrier x who has been adopted by one of our nurses Denise, along with Totti's brother, Marti. Denise came home one day last week to find Totti not putting any weight on his right hind leg. Denise brought Totti to us so Dr Kristina could examine him. After a thorough examination, Dr. Kristina decided it was best to x-ray Totti's leg.

The x-rays showed that Totti had an avulsion of the tibial crest, which means that he had torn a small bone away from his Tibia. Surgery had to be performed to place the tibial crest back in place. Totti was given pain relief until the surgery was performed the following day.

Totti was placed on intravenous fluids and given antibiotics through the drip line. Once Totti was under anaesthetic, the nurses worked to prepare Totti for surgery. Booties were placed on all Totti's feet and his body was wrapped in bubble wrap to keep his body temperature up while he was under anaesthetic. A heat pad was placed on the surgery table to keep Totti warm also. Totti's leg was shaved from the top of his hip, all the way down to his ankle. Once the area was washed and prepared, Totti was ready for surgery.

Dr Julian and Dr Kristina both performed the surgery. An incision was made on Totti's knee. A small pin was used to place the tibial crest back in its right place. The area was then secured using surgical wire. The area was given a flush with sterile saline and the knee was sutured up. The whole surgery took approximately one hour.

A x-ray confirmed the tibial crest was placed back in its normal position. A large bandage was placed on Totti's right leg to imobilise it, allowing the area to heal. Totti was placed on a pain relief drip which kept him comfortable in hospital. Totti had to stay in hospital overnight.

The next day, Totti was bright and happy showing off his new bandage to all the nurses. Denise now had the challenge of keeping Totti quiet and rested at home, as he is not allowed to run around with his 5 month old brother. Totti must be confined for at least 6 weeks while his leg heals.

Totti was allowed to have his bandage removed 7 days after surgery and is to have his sutures out in 10-14 days after surgery.

Totti may need another surgery in the future to remove the pins in his leg. Totti is doing very well and is coping being kept quiet. He often visits us all at Pascoe Vale with his brother Marti.