Ebony has orthopeadic surgery after motor vehicle accident

Ebony is a beautiful black Labrador cross who was very unlucky (or lucky depending on how you look at it) after being hit by a car out the front on her house one night.

Ebony was rushed to the emergency center at Essendon airport where she was stablised overnight then sent back to us at Pascoe Vale Veterinary Hospital in the morning for her injuries to be further assessed and treated. Once her vital signs and pain levels were under control she was able to have a general aneasthetic to take some x-rays to assess the full extent of her injuries. She was found to have a fracture in her left radius and ulna (through both bones in her left front leg) as well a fracture of the left wing of her ilium (this is a fracture of the pelvis). Both fractures were severe and required plating - a quite specialised orthopeadic procedure which involves placing a plate over the fracture site.

These surgeries were performed at the clinic by Dr Julian Alexander and Dr Karen Block. After her surgeries there was quite a lengthy recovery period mostly due to the fracture in her pelvis. The fracture in her pelvis meant that she was unable to carry weight on her back legs which meant a lot of nursing care until things started to heal. The nurses spent a lot of time caring for her for first 2-3 weeks after the surgery at the hospital and then finally she was able to go home just after Christmas.

It is now 9 weeks since Ebony's unfortunate accident and she is doing extremely well and back to normal old self and repeat x-rays have shown that everything is healing well. Ebony was a very lucky girl who with the help of her dedicated owners has now made a full recovery.