Darcy hits the scales and comes out a winner!

Our star weight loss patient "Darcy" and his owners are to be congratulated for taking on the weight loss challenge and coming out winners. Over two months, Darcy went on a special weight loss program, using a special low fat prescription diet. Darcy's daily intake was calculated using both his current weight and a preset target weight. During the two months, Darcy's owners came in for regular weigh-ins and checks that saw Darcy go from a heavy-set 11.4kg to a svelte 9.6kg. His measurements have decreased overall from: neck 32cm to 28cm, chest 53.5cm to 46cm and rump 41.5cm to 40.5cm.

Darcy's owners commented on how much more energy he has and his harness has even become loose! Darcy's weight loss will benefit him in the long term also as obesity can contribute to arthritis, heart disease, breathing problems and diabetes.

If your pet is overweight, they too can become a winner by visiting our FREE weight loss clinic. Our weight consultant, Denise, will help in setting a target weight, calculate daily food requirements, provide advice and tips on snacks and exercise. Combine this with regular weigh-ins and checks and your pet will be on it's way to a healthier happier life.