Chiara's the Toy Poodle's day at the dentist

Chiara is a 7 ½ year old female toy poodle who visited us last week for a Dental procedure. Dr Nathalie noticed Chiara needed a dental clean at her annual vaccination and check up. Her owner booked an appointment to stay with us for the day while she underwent an anaesthetic and a teeth clean.

Just like human, regularly brushing of their teeth to maintain dental hygiene, our pets need regular dental care. Prevention is always better than late stage intervention.
Prescription dry food diets, oral gels and animal toothpaste are available to reduce plaque accumulation in the mouth and calculi formation on the teeth.

A teeth scale and polish is the best way to remove microscopic bacterial accumulation before they cause major problems such as gingivitis, tooth root abscesses and even systemic infections.
As the lifespan of our animal companions lengthen, early dental procedures aid to maintain a healthier life.
The earlier the intervention the lower the cost of dental care over your pets lifetime.

Chiara needed two teeth removed due to gum recession. Her other teeth were scaled and polished, the same as we do when we visit the dentist.