Check out Fluffy's bling

Fluffy is a 2 year old domestic long hair cat who was presented to our clinic for an acute onset of lameness of the right foreleg. Fluffy is a very well behaved kitty and allowed us to feel his leg without much complaint. Our vet could easily palpate bone instability on the forelimb and radiographs confirmed that Fluffy had a minimally displaced mid-radius fracture of the right foreleg with no associated open wound.

For this particular type of fracture, an external fixature would be ideal to mend the fractured bone. Fluffy's owners were happy to go ahead with the surgery.

By the end of the surgery Fluffy had four stainless steel pins emerging from his forelimb with a connecting bar attached to all four pins. Fluffy has been an excellent patient for the ensuing weeks of checks and bandage changes. He never complained and the regular visits to change his bandage were a pleasure.

Six weeks on, Fluffy has taken to the external fixature as if it was his own and is seemingly oblivious of it on him. We are waiting, for hopefully what will be the final radiograph, before removing the pins and after which Fluffy will be without his metal 'bling' but will return to being a normal cat without the aid of pins and a bar.