Blue Heeler Bella's special delivery

Bella is a 5-year-old Blue Heeler who was pregnant with her first litter of pups. She had mated with a family members' heeler 63 days earlier, and her pregnancy had gone according to plan up until she went into labour. Bella delivered one puppy at home, then her contractions stopped and after 2 hours her owners became concerned about the lack of progress and took her for a veterinary exam. Anytime there is a large gap between pups delivered, or 60 minutes of continuous straining without a pup delivered, it is best to seek veterinary advice.

When the vet examined Bella a puppy was found stuck in the pelvic inlet and this is why she had stopped contracting. An oxytocin injection was given to start Bella's contractions again ad she delivered the puppy along with veterinary assistance. Her contractions then became quite weak again and the progress of her labour slowed to a halt. At this stage the vet advised it would be best to perform a caesarean as too much time passed and the pups could be in danger of not getting enough oxygen and may be stillborn. Bella's owners agreed so she was given an anaesthetic and an emergency caesarean was performed.

The first pup to be delivered by caesarean had blue mucous membranes (gums) and needed to be given oxygen initially, but within a few minutes he was breathing fine on his own. Four more puppies were delivered, all males. Sadly one of them was stillborn due to a congenital deformity in his skull. The other pups were examined by the vet and found to be normal and healthy, although the smallest pup was too weak to suckle from Bella and needed to be syringe-fed milk formula until he was strong enough to feed on his own.

Bella mad a quick recovery from her anaesthetic and was discharged from hospital that night along with her 5 puppies. The following day Bella's owners reported the new family was doing well. All puppies are suckling well, and Bella was happy to eat her Advance Growth food and was very attentive to her new babies. Bella's owner's weighed the puppies everyday to monitor their progress. They are now 1 month old and growing into lovely, bouncy blue heelers.