Bladder stone found in Ece

Ece, a small white fluffy Maltese X Shih Tzu, was presented to us because her owners discovered some blood in her urine. Ece had had periods where she was not feeling 100% and would often not eat her food. In order to inspect the cause of Ece's problem, the first step was to get a urine sample via a needle into the bladder. To do this we had to keep Ece in the hospital until she had partially filled her bladder. When Ece was rolled over in the process of getting the urine sample, her bladder fell forward and a hard object could clearly be felt. At this stage we rang the owners and requested permission to take x-rays of Ece which was duly given. The x-rays showed an amazing bladder stone, roughly half the size of a chicken's egg!

Unfortunately a stone this big cannot be dissolved so surgery was scheduled for Ece the following day. The bladder stone was successfully removed and Ece made an uneventful recovery and was keen to be let home to be with her loving family the following day. Ece was a perfect patient the entire time she was here.

The bladder stone has been sent to America via Sydney for a complete analysis. Ece will have to remain on a diet suitable for bladder stones which has lower amounts of the minerals that make the stones and also changes the urine to dissolve smaller stones and crystals. This should prevent Ece from having to go through the discomfort again.