Billie and her toothache

Billie is a very special and uniquely beautiful Staffordshire that was born with a hair lip and cleft palate. She came in for an emergency dental not so long ago as she managed to break one of her canine teeth leaving her in severe pain.

Patient of the Month - Billie the Staffordshire

The canine teeth are the 4 large fangs at the front of your dog or cat’s mouth. If they break and expose the root they are extremely painful, and even if your pet does not show any signs of pain I’m sure you can imagine how sore it would be.

Billie managed to break her tooth in such a way that there was no option but to extract the remaining part of the tooth; however, sometimes teeth may be repairable depending on how the tooth fractures. Not uncommon, dogs that chew very hard objects, like bones, can fracture one or both of their big upper teeth at the back of the mouth (the carnassials) and these can often be repaired if the root is not exposed. Sometimes our feline friends can chip the tips of their canine teeth too and this leaves the tooth painful and open to infection. Even a very small chip at the tip of the tooth could expose the root!

Billie had full mouth x-rays to assess the rest of her teeth, and there were a few other teeth that were we could see were damaged below the gum line that needed extracting.  She had local anaesthetic nerve blocks and pain relief before, during and after the procedure such that she woke up and was nice and chirpy pretty quickly! The rest of the teeth had a professional scale and polish to bring back her poster child cheeky grin.

Billie now has her beautiful smile back and has a diligent parent that brushes her teeth every day. She is now pain free and is unlikely to require another dental procedure for another 12 months.