Benny's breathing issues

Benny is a gorgeous 9 and a half year old black domestic shorthair belonging to a devoted couple. Benny's owners noticed that he had been picking at his food for the past two weeks and was quite listless. We saw Benny 8 months ago for a cough which apparently he still had and had became more evident over the past few days.

Benny fights a bacterial chest infection

We took Benny's temperature and it was 41 degrees! Normal temperature is 39 degrees. Benny was very quiet during the examination. He was immediately placed onto intravenous fluids and given medications to help bring down the temperature. Blood samples were taken and sent for analysis.The results came back showing that Benny's body was fighting a bacterial infection.

We started a hunt for the source of Benny's fever which kept waxing and waning from normal to being high again. His abdominal ultrasound was not 100% normal but we were able to see into his chest cavity from a particular angle which indicated that he had lots of fluid in his chest. X-rays of his chest revealed that the lungs were being squashed by the fluid.

After consulting with Benny's owners we drained 150ml fluid from Benny's chest. There was an immediate improvement to his breathing and demeanour. We placed a chest drain on both sides of his chest. Over the next two days we used these drains to flush his chest intermittently. The fluid was sent off for analysis and was found to be from a bacterial infection.

Benny was placed onto different antibiotics to target a spectrum of bacterial agents and was given pain relief too. He will need the antibiotics for the next 8 weeks. He has continued to improve over the past 2 weeks. He is now eating almost normal amounts again, fighting fit and is back at home with his loving family.