Bambam's up to something fishy

Bambam, a mischievous 7 month old Pug puppy, was recently helping his dad in the man cave when something ‘caught’ his attention. Bambam had discovered a fishing tackle box.

Unbeknown to his dad, Bambam rummaged around in the tackle box. Unfortunately for him, the 'lure' of the bait was just not worth it. Bambam’s cheek was caught; hook, line and sinker!

Bambam was immediately rushed into our clinic and assessed by one of our vets. Puns aside, the serious problem with fish hooks is they have barbs; designed so that they travel in one direction. This means that the extraction of a fish hook can be a very painful and traumatic process, and this is something we would never attempt on a conscious patient.

After Bambam’s sedative took effect, a local anaesthetic block was applied to the surrounding tissues. Although there was pain relief in the sedative, we like to use a method called ‘multi-modal analgesia’. By blocking pain receptors at a local AND systemic level, we get the most effective pain management possible. This is a principle we apply to all surgeries and some painful medical cases. 

Once the local block was in place, extracting the fish hook was a very easy process and Bambam’s sedative could be reversed. The whole procedure only took about 20 minutes and Bambam didn't feel a thing.

A few hours later, Bambam's dad told us "you ‘cod’ hardly believe anything had happened!" Bambam made a fin-tastic recovery!