Ash lives with 3 legs

Ash is a 2 year old domestic short haired cat who we saw in November 2010. Poor Ash had been missing for a week and had only reappeared the night before he was brought into our clinic. Ash had a horrible injury to his right foreleg, believed to have happened when he was caught in a rabbit trap. By the time we examined him, his right forepaw area was infected beyond repair with a heavy maggot infestation. It wasn't a pretty sight.

The only way Ash could be saved was to have his leg amputated. Ash's owner only wanted what was best for Ash and immediately consented to the surgery. We surgically removed Ash's infested leg the following day once he had been stabilised.

Within two weeks after the surgery, Ash had already adjusted really well with his remaining three legs. Sure enough it wasn't easy to get used to initially but cats do exceptionally well with the use of one less limb.

There has obviously been some adjustment to Ash's lifestyle after the amputation to fit with his disability but the most important thing is that Ash is able to continue living a healthy, normal and pain-free life.