Abby's upset tummy

Abby, a lovely 2.5 year old Schipperke, came in to visit us after a sleepless night of vomiting.  Her concerned mum took her to an emergency centre at 1.30 that morning, seeking treatment to get her through until we opened. 

When she visited us, Abby's vomiting had stopped (thanks to the emergency vet care), but she seemed a little flat and an examination by our Vets found she was dehydrated.  We admitted Abby to hospital, where she was put on a drip to rehydrate her and allowed to rest while her mum went home for a well deserved nap. 

The Vets were suspicious that the tummy upset might be bacterial, and a sample from Abby's rectum showed an overgrowth of bacteria.  Abby's blood test thankfully ruled out anything more serious, letting us know that her kidneys, pancreas and other internal organs were not the cause of her illness. 

Abby was prescribed a course of antibiotics to kill off the bad bacteria and a pet-specific probiotic was used to restore a healthy balance to the intestinal flora.  A rehydrated Abby was sent home that evening and her mum was relieved to hear that her loving little girl would soon be better. 

Within a few days of starting treatment, Miss Abby was back to her bouncy, happy self and is now looking forward to some warm weather so she can do some more 'finger painting'.