At Pascoe Vale Vet Hospital, we aim to provide a comprehensive, professional and compassionate veterinary service. We recognise the significance of your pets and the place they hold in your family. Our highly skilled Veterinarians Dr Colin Dick, Dr Paul Sydenham, Dr Nathalie Jugovic and Dr Cedar Pieprzyk have extensive knowledge and experience in preventative medicine, surgery, geriatric care, skin allergies, ultrasonography, acupunture, and more. Dr Colin Dick is known for his experience and expertise in small animal dentistry and is now available for referrals for advanced dentistry surgeryOur compassionate veterinary nurses will make sure your visit to our clinic is as pleasant as possible for both you and your beloved pet. 

Meet Our Vets
Dr Colin Dick
Principal Vet
  • BVSc (Hons) University of Melbourne
  • MANZCVS (Small Animal Dentistry & Oral Surgery)
  • GPCert (SAP)
  • CVCP
  • PennHIP Certified

Colin has a long history of obsessing over dentistry and after completing his memberships in 2018 is now available for referrals for advanced dentistry surgery.  After graduating in 1998 and spending half of his career abroad in the UK Colin has been back in Australia servicing the dental needs of pets locally since 2009.  With an eye for detail, he is also accomplished in many aspects of veterinary medicine and surgery and therefore is always looking at the overall picture of health in his patients.

Colin's dentistry repertoire includes the usual suspects such as root canal treatments for broken teeth and crown amputation for malocclusions; but he also performs advanced dental surgical procedures such as treating gingival hyperplasia and careful full/partial mouth extractions on cats with caudal stomatitis for the best chance of a great outcome.

"I like to focus not only on the immediate concern but also on a long term preventative perspective. I live by the philosophy that “nothing is too difficult” and doing “what is best for the pet” which is a great combination to make sure each pet gets the best treatment."

Outside of working hours Colin has an abnormal obsession with art, vintage cars, watch repair, music and renovating. His mogs Jem and Scout have been kind enough to allow Billie the Staffy to share the house with him.

Colin graduated in 1998 with honours and hold Membership (by examination) of the Australian and New Zealand College of Veterinary Scientists (MANZCVS) in Small Animal Dentistry & Oral Surgery; General Practitioners Certificate (by examination) in Small animal Practice (European School of Veterinary Postgraduate Studies); and is a Certified Veterinary Chiropractitioner (CVCP).

Dr Paul Sydenham
  • BVSc

Since he was young, Paul was always interested in science and loved animals, so it only seemed fitting to pursue a career in veterinary science.  Over the years, he have had two dogs, five cats and two birds, at different times, of course! When he was given the opportunity to move to Melbourne from Adelaide to study to become a Vet, I took that opportunity up in a snap!

Since graduating in Melbourne over a decade ago, Paul spent his first vet years in Adelaide. He then moved to the UK and, like many, found himself there five years later. He worked at a range of clinics, while also being able to travel throughout Europe.  After returning to Melbourne, Paul worked in small animal private practice and in a high volume shelter vet clinic for many years.  In April 2018, he joined the team here at Pascoe Vale Vet Hospital.

Paul's goal with every patient is to achieve both a short and long term positive outcome.  By this he mean, make your loved one comfortable and happy straight away, whilst also managing any long term issues. He is also passionate about preventative medicine and its importance to maximise the health of all his patients.

In his veterinary career, Paul has strong interests in both medicine and surgery, as well as clinical pathology. He enjoys managing animals with long term skin issues, arthritis management and older patients.

In his spare time, Paul loves mountain bike riding as well as rock climbing; he loves his outdoor adventures.He also enjoys fixing things around the house as well as the odd bit of gardening. He lives with his wife and one year old son, who is an absolute joy and keeps them on their toes.

Dr Nathalie Jugovic
  • BVSc
  • CVA (IVAS) – Certified Veterinary Acupuncturist

Nathalie decided she wanted to be a vet at 10 years of age and never looked back. After graduating from The University of Melbourne in 2000 she followed her passion to travel and moved to England where she spent the first few years of her veterinary career, working during the ‘foot and mouth’ outbreak and for various small animal veterinary clinics. When she moved back to Melbourne she worked here at Pascoe Vale Veterinary Hospital before leaving to start her family. Since then she has worked at a couple of small animal clinics in Melbourne including 24 hour emergency clinics where she gained valuable knowledge in emergency and critical care.

Nathalie always strives to provide the best possible care for the animals she treats. Nathalie’s professional interests are in small animal emergency medicine, ultrasonography, internal medicine and acupuncture. She aims to provide the best outcomes for her clients through skilled integration of Western veterinary medicine and acupuncture where indicated.

In her spare time Nathalie likes to spend time with her two kids and her husband, and she often joins them on outdoor adventures. She also loves putting her working clothes on, renovating the house, and enjoys playing water polo.

Dr Cedar Pieprzyk
  • BVSc
Meet Our Vet Nurses
Jackie C
Practice Manager

Jackie, a born and bred local girl, has been with the team for many years. She has completed her Certificate IV in Veterinary Nursing and loves all facets of veterinary nursing. With two young children at home, Jackie also hastwo Bouvier Des Flandres, Chase and Link.

Veterinary Receptionist

Denise has worked with us for more than twenty years. She originally trained in 1974 as a veterinary nurse. Denise has been the 'face' of the clinic at reception for many years now and has developed a special bond with many clients and their pets. Denise has three grown children, four gorgeous grandchildren, and two dogs named Totti and Marti.

Veterinary Receptionist

Margaret started working at Pascoe Vale Vet when her children were quite little. Now she has four beauitful grandchildren.

Margaret had two beautiful labradors that have passed away, and many other pets over the years. Poosp deserves some quiet time now that she is in her twilight years. 

Margaret's passions are her family and her work. She enjoys playing the piano, travelling with her husband Michael and being with her family and friends.

Vet Nurse
  • Certificate IV in Veterinary Nursing 

Stephe was born and raised in suburban Melbourne despite feeling like a country girl at heart! After trying her hand at a variety of jobs associated with the animal industry it wasn’t until she began veterinary nursing that she realised this was her true calling in life. Now a fully qualified veterinary nurse, her greatest pleasure is being able to learn from new veterinary experiences on a daily basis. Stephe has a thirst for knowledge when it comes to veterinary medicine and enjoys the challenge of learning new things. Her particular interests are general anaesthesia and critical care nursing.

Outside of work she is the proud owner of two gorgeous Rhodesian Ridgebacks by the name of Tonks and Emmett – who are the loves of her life! Stephe enjoys bushwalking, mini golf, arts and craft, country music, karaoke, reading, rodeos, and photography. In her spare time Stephe loves to travel around Victoria with her two Ridgies, exploring new places and enjoying some of the best beaches, wildlife and natural scenery.

Stephe has a keen interest in rats and other exotics and helps to assist pet owners of cats with hyperthyroidism as part of our chronic care program.

Trainee Vet Nurse

Born and raised in Melbourne, at the age of 16 Kate moved to Tasmania for 9 years and have only recently moved back to Melbourne. Kate will be commencing her Certificate IV in Veterinary Nursing very soon. She has studied a few different subjects including Architecture and Nursing, but have finally realised that the right career for her is one that can incorporate and encourage her love for animals.

As a child, Kate grew up with a pet rabbit (Peter) and two guinea pigs (Jennifer and Clarissa). She also had a pet bird eating spider (Mr Fuzzy), a pet blue tongue lizard (Mr Squiggle) and a pet siamese fighting fish (Mr Bubbles). Before she moved to Tasmania her father introduced two Shetland sheep dogs (Shelties) to the family (Oban and Iona). During her stay in Tasmania she looked after a wide variety of animals that included horses, cows, goats, chickens, rabbits, sheep, frogs, hermit crabs and mice. Some of those animals were ones that her mother had on her property on the Tamar River, but she has since moved and now only has a curly coated retriever (Jack). Kate owns two cats (Dolly and Forrest) who are staying with a friend in Tasmania until she is able to find a place that allows pets, but in the meantime she has adopted her housemates pet turtle (Dante) and have bought 8 guppies for breeding purposes.

Trainee Vet Nurse

Skye is currently studying her Certificate IV in Veterinary Nursing. She has a great love and passion for pets including her own, a dog named Zena, two cats named Gizmo and Bella, a bearded dragon called Penny Wise and also a sheep and a turtle. 

Skye is also kept on her toes with her daughter Charlotte. 

Trainee Vet Nurse

Abbey has always had a passion for animals.  She has two beautiful fur babies at home, Sammy a 5 year old Maremma and Sonny an 11 year old Corgi.

Abbey has been a part of the Pascoe Vale team for some time now and she has recently started studying for her Certificate II in Veterinary Nursing. She has also completed her Puppy Pre-School training course and the Hill's Pet Nutrition course.

Some of Abbey's interests include animal behaviour and training, senior and puppy health and pet nutrition .

In her spare time, Abbey loves taking her dogs to swim in the local river.